The technical reports of the project and other printed material will be made availble on this page.

The tentative titles and the publication schedule is as follows:


Natural Occurrence of Arsenic in the Pirkanmaa region in Finland (25 Mb)


Arsenic in agricultural soils and crops (3.9 Mb)
Anthropogenic Arsenic Sources in the Pirkanmaa Region in Finland (4.3 Mb)
Management of arsenic risks in the Pirkanmaa region-Survey of available risk management instruments and tools (An Extended Summary)


Arsenic ecotoxicity in soils (2.8 Mb)
A transport model of arsenic for surface waters - An application in Finland (2.5 Mb)
Arsenic removal from groundwater and surface water - Field tests in the Pirkanmaa Region, Finland (2.4 Mb)
Risk assessment of natural and anthropogenic arsenic in the Pirkanmaa region, Finland (3.4 Mb)
Risk Management of Environmental Arsenic in Finnish conditions - Case Pirkanmaa region (4.4 Mb)
Natural and anthropogenic arsenic concentrations anlysed from various materials in the Pirkanmaa region (Abstract in English), (2.7 Mb)
RAMAS Project - Summary of the results (Layman's Report), (2.0 Mb)

Final report (in Finnish) is published and can be ordered from the contact persons. The Web version will be available soon


(max. 2.4 Mb)

Arsenic in Bedrock
Arsenic in Drilled Wells on Bedrock Map
Arsenic in Drilled Wells and Till
Arsenic in Dug Wells and Till
Arsenic in Fine Fraction in Till in Finland 

(Modified from The Geochemical Atlas of Finland - Part 2 - Till, Koljonen et al., 1992)

Potential anthropogenic arsenic sources
Wood preservation plants, important groundwater resources and arsenic in glacial till
Shotgun shooting ranges and arsenic in glacial till
Sulfide mines and arsenic in glacial till
Landfills and waste treatment plants and arsenic in glacial till